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Have you ever struggled with any of the above?

They can be caused by many things, but what most people don’t know is that sometimes, all it takes to get rid of these problems is changing your detergent.

My name is Mary, and I know this all too well. My two sons and I have sensitive skins and, for a long time, we all struggled with skin rashes. I went to lots of doctors, and they gave us all sorts of different medicines which sometimes worked..but only temporary.

The skin rashes came back, every single time.
A couple of months back I met Dr. Simpson. Instead of prescribing medication like the other doctors, he suggested something weird that could supposedly solve our problems.
I was kind of dissapointed because it didn’t sound very scientific, but, since it wasn’t going to cost me much, I figured I’d try his method.

I changed my detergent...and it didn’t work.
Yeah, I know I told you that sometimes, all it takes to get rid of these problems is changing your detergent and I wasn’t kidding.
Bear with me, and you’ll see what I meant in a moment.

I tried all sorts of detergents, from baby detergents to organic detergents. Some of them DID help us a little, but it was not enough. What we needed wasn’t available on the market.
Since nothing REALLY worked, I decided to do some research, and after some time it hit me. Skin’s natural pH is around 5...and all the detergents we tried had a pH close to 9.

Could that be the cause?
After weeks of testing, me and John, a close friend of mine that worked for 20 years in this industry managed to create a powerful formula that helped me, my sons and lots of other people with sensitive skins finally solve their problems. Now, we want to share it with you.

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