Here’s how it works

You probably know already what pH is, but in case you don’t, it’s a scale which measures acidity and alkalinity. You need to be aware of two important things I just mentioned:


  • Skin’s natural pH is 5.
  • Most detergents that you get from the store are higher pH – around 9. That’s the same as toothpaste.


You wouldn’t rub that on your skin for hours, right?
Especially if your skin is sensitive.


Unfortunately, something similar happens when you use your regular detergent because 99% of the time, it leaves residues on the clothes you’ve just washed.


Simply put, because the pH is too high, your skin gets irritated.


Some people know this, and here’s what most of them do when they learn that the detergent could be the source of their problems:


Usually, people with sensitive skins (such as myself) believe that they should just go for something as organic as possible. But, as you might have found out already, this doesn’t work every time because it doesn’t stop your skin from reacting to the substance.




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